Trading through Grand World

Grand World is a trading, logistics and distribution company that have signed exclusive purchase agreements with our suppliers and wholesale our products to customers in approximately 30 countries. We believe that our relationships with them will form a strong platform for our products internationally and we will benefit from economies of scale. We also believe that our strong existing platforms facilitate our expansion within a large addressable market and provide a broad set of potential acquisition targets in various healthcare consumer product categories and geographic markets.

Our management team has extensive experience in the healthcare consumer products industry and other fast moving consumer goods markets. Our management team is complimented by an experienced Board of Directors, which includes several individuals with a proven track record of successfully acquiring and managing consumer businesses.

We believe that wellness and healthcare encompass an individual’s lifestyle and its living environment. The selection of our premium wellness products aims to enhance a healthy and energetic lifestyle and environment. Believing that this can be achieved through good-quality sleep, healthy food, positive environment, good and safe water and comfort in individual well-being, we seek products from a variety of international manufacturers and ensure product quality to high standards.

These sell retail and wholesale healthcare-related consumer products in
over 30 different countries including:

Our competitive strengths

We have strong relationships with our suppliers and customers

Experienced management team and Board with a proven track record

Flexibility in forging relationship and expansion