Chee Boon Chiew

Chee Boon Chiew Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

At JMax, we are focused on acquiring high-quality businesses that provide products and services with great market potential.

To reach our goals, we have an experienced management team that is unwavering in keeping up with the market. We also invest in solid management information systems to aid us in achieving success.

Our core beliefs at JMax are Speed, Timing, Integrity, Honesty, Passion and Commitment. These key values constantly guide us on our path in making sound decisions in every aspect of our business.

As investors of our company, you can be assured that we carry a diverse portfolio of businesses to minimise our risks, and which also serves as a path to faster growth. We are on the constant lookout for the best companies to commit our financial resources and expertise in. To ensure a win-win collaboration for our stakeholders, we opt to work with growth-oriented, well-positioned companies showcasing innovative management. Like us, they also possess strong organization values.

Looking ahead, we at JMax are devoted to developing our company’s role as a responsible corporate citizen and operating sustainably. From conducting our business to investing, serving our clients and giving back to the communities we live in, we firmly believe in taking an inclusive and long-term approach for the betterment of mankind.